AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Curved Gaming Monitor Review

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 curved gaming monitor can make your gaming activity more fun and enjoyable, especially with so many available features and technologies packed within the device. The curved monitor is gaining popularity among gamer and graphic enthusiasts (who are designing or making premium designs and images) because of the unique construction that enables them to see all sides without obstruction or difficulty. The curved design is great because it won’t compromise the quality of image and it helps the user in delivering flawless image. With the curved design, you won’t have to worry that the corners or edges are experiencing color changes. And today’s screens are coming with superb technology that will deliver clear view and flawless brightness.

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 35' Curved Gaming Monitor, 1800R, Uwqhd 3440x1440 VA Panel, G-Sync, 120Hz, 4ms, DisplayPort/HDMI
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AOC Agon AG352UCG6 35" Curved Gaming Monitor, 1800R, Uwqhd 3440x1440 VA Panel, G-Sync, 120Hz, 4ms, DisplayPort/HDMI
  • 35" Agon Professional grade gaming monitor with 1800R curvature for immersive gaming experience
  • 3440 x 1440 Ultra wide Quad HD resolution with VA panel (cinematic 21: 9 ratio), 85% NTSC color gamut for high Color accuracy
  • Nvidia G-SYNC for smoothest competitive gameplay with 120Hz refresh rate and 4ms GTG response time
AOC Agon AG352UCG6 35' Curved Gaming Monitor, 1800R, Uwqhd 3440x1440 VA Panel, G-Sync, 120Hz, 4ms, DisplayPort/HDMI

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 – Specifications

Never underestimate the importance of the specifications because they are the things that determine whether the device is worth purchasing or not. If you are looking at this AOC Agon monitor, be sure to check the specs first and see whether the type has all the required technologies and features that you like the most.

So, what are the specifications of this curved gaming monitor – especially when compared to the other gaming curve screen?

  • The screen size is 35 inches – which is about right in size because it isn’t too big and it isn’t too small either. The 1800R curvature is also nice because it gives you a better view and access to the images
  • The panel type is VA so the overall alignment is pretty okay
  • The resolution is 1440 x 3440 that ensures the detailed small matters and the bright overall images
  • The aspect ratio is ultrawide 21:9 so it is convenient and handy
  • With the combination of 4ms response time and 100Hz refresh rate, the quality image is smooth and undisturbed. The streams of images can be delivered without delay or lag.
  • The adaptive system is coming with G-Sync system
  • The monitor comes with its own speakers (two) and each of them is having 2W output
  • The available ports are one 1.4 HDMI port, one 1.2 DisplayPort slot, each for headphone jack and microphone jack, and two 3.0 USB ports
  • It supports VESA
  • The monitor supports 8-bit colors for detailed and rich experience
  • The contrast ratio is 2500:1 which may not be overly great or amazing but it is good enough – at least above the standard measurement

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 – Design and Build Quality

If you are looking for a classic curved gaming monitor that looks simple and masculine, this monitor would be the right choice. It is simple although some people claim that it is pretty plain and regular. But if you aren’t focusing so much on the fashionable aspect of the design, then it won’t be a problem.

The monitor has full black construction with matte finish and thick bezel style. One of the interesting factors about the monitor is the sturdy stand. It is versatile and also robust – and it is able to do a lot of things. It has a nice height adjustment up to 110mm and around 30 degrees of swivel ability. It is compatible with VESA mount. You can find a carrying handle and a headset hook. As you can expect, there are also ports for convenient connections, such as G-Sync, USB, and also headphone and microphone jacks.

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 – Setup

If you want to navigate the OSD system of this monitor, you will need to use the joystick – which is unfortunately poorly designed. It toggles power without any select features or options. If you click right on it, you will activate the menu. If you click left, you will cancel or go back. Aft and Fore will decrease and increase the values. Be patient – using and operating the joystick will take time before you finally get used to it. You will get the hang of it eventually.

There are some menus or modes to think about. For instance, the Game Color will affect the entire 6 colors saturation. The Luminance Menu will include the contrast and brightness. The Game and Overdrive Mode offers 5 different image modes while the Shadow Control is about the low end gamma. You should be able to find the sixth preset within the color temp menu design (aimed for sRGB control). Other options include gamma changes and also shadow control (depending on the game type).

When you access the Color Setup, there is a blue low light slider that can warm up the picture in order to reduce and prevent eye fatigue. There are some options, including User, sRGB, and 3 different color temp presets. The OSD setup provides access to control menu position, language, transparency, and timeup (which reaches up to 2 minutes). This cool feature will remind you of doing some basic and important things, such as when to use the bathroom, when to rest, and so much more. And there is the Extra Menu for overclocking, USB charge, LED controls, sleep mode, and the entire setting reset. Be advised that you need to overclock the monitor if you want to activate the 120 Hz refreshing rate.

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 – Image Quality

Thanks to the Vertical Alignment panel, the AOC Agon AG352UCG6 monitor comes with a superb static (and flawless) 2500:1 contrast ratio. As the result, you can expect a vivid and clear black shade that is relating all of the images with the brightest hue and tones with the darkest tones. The monitor supports deep 8-bit color hues covering sRGB color gamut to 100% capacity. You will enjoy the stunning and vibrant colors. The luminance has 300-nits maximal capacity for comfy and enjoyable viewing time even when it is bright and well-lt surrounding.

If you compare the VA panel and the IPS panel, they are different – each of them has their own specialty. The IPS has its benefits but you may experience IPS glow because of the excess light. The IPS panel usually comes with lower contrast ratio that will result in the lack of black shade depth. The VA panel doesn’t have such problems so you can enjoy the true and deep black hue. Moreover, the combination of 1440 x 3440 resolution results in 106 ppi that creates clear and sharp details without having to do any scaling.

AOC Agon AG352UCG6 – Display Modes and Other Features

This monitor has different performance for the input lag and response time. In case you don’t know, the input lag is the time for the monitor to respond and react to your commands in order to display it while the response time is the moment of pixels to change from one hue to another. The input lag is quite excellent. With only 6ms, you can enjoy smooth and flawless viewing time. The response time, however, isn’t very impressive. As the result, there are smears of fast objects as well as apparent ghosting in dark pixels within the image.

Moreover, the On Screen Display (OSD) menu, you have the freedom to tweak with the Overdrive setting, which can be set Strong, Medium, Light, Weak, and even Off. The changes made to the setting can affect the speed performance of response time. For getting the best result, you should set it to ‘Medium’. If you choose ‘Strong’, it is likely that the ghosting will start appearing. The monitor also comes with blue low light filter and it is flicker-free.

Another feature you may like is the ability to activate the G-Sync feature if you have the GTX graphic card from Nvidia GeForce 650 Ti (or even newer version). This technology is quite helpful to change the dynamic refresh rate – not running it at the 100 or 120 Hz rate. In the end, you can prevent screen stuttering and tearing. This is super important if you want to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience – or other types of entertainment. Even with the lower framerates, you can expect a seamless, flawless, and also smoother gaming quality. Not all ultrawide screen is able to deliver such a nice experience.

Other features include Game Color, Shadow Control, and also 3 gamma presets. The menu is responsive and user-friendly. It is also simple to control. Basically, you will only enjoy good times!


  • The image quality is very nice – definitely above the standard imaging performance offered by other gaming monitors
  • The panel is pleasant and handy
  • All of the features are functional and usable
  • The design is ergonomic with many connection options
  • Vivid details, vibrant and rich colors, and high contrast
  • It offers many gaming features and easiness


  • Some of the image setting quality isn’t very responsive or functional
  • Apparent ghosting, especially in dark images or when you choose the mode wrong


If you want a nice monitor that can improve the functionality as well as enjoyment at the same time, you can consider having this screen in your possession. The technologies are modern and advanced. The operation is simple and easy. You may need to make some tweaking and changes to the setting but it isn’t all technical. In the end, the AOC Agon AG352UCG6 gaming monitor has all the benefits and cool things that will make you love using it.

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