AOC C3583FQ Widescreen Monitor Review

When you are thinking about having a curved widescreen monitor that can improve your professional productivity as well as boosting your gaming enjoyment to the highest level, then you should seriously consider having AOC C3583FQ. The type has been included within the top lists of the best and the most impressive gaming monitor ever made for some time, so it speaks volumes of its quality and performance. The combination of refresh rate, adaptive sync system, and the aspect ratio for the ultra wide experience are the reasons why this monitor has become one of the winning devices in the market.

AOC C3583FQ 35' VA Curved LED Monitor 2560 x 1080 Res, 21:9,160hz, 300 cd/m2, 4ms,VGA/DVI/(2) HDMI/(2) DP, Spk
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AOC C3583FQ 35" VA Curved LED Monitor 2560 x 1080 Res, 21:9,160hz, 300 cd/m2, 4ms,VGA/DVI/(2) HDMI/(2) DP, Spk
  • 35" VA Panel (2000R), 2560x1080 Resolution, 160hz, 178 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Brightness- 300 cd/m2, Dynamic Contrast Ratio- 50,000,000:1, 21:9 Aspect Ratio, 4ms
  • Connectivity- VGA,DVI,(2) HDMI-MHL,(2) Display Port
AOC C3583FQ 35' VA Curved LED Monitor 2560 x 1080 Res, 21:9,160hz, 300 cd/m2, 4ms,VGA/DVI/(2) HDMI/(2) DP, Spk

AOC C3583FQ – Specifications

If you really want to make a worthy purchase without any single regret afterward, then always check the specifications. Each electronic device is designed with certain technologies and features, and their written documents are recorded and kept as a guide for buyers. When you are thinking about buying such a powerful device like this widescreen monitor, the only guide you have is the information of the specs – and nothing else. It would be wise if you can always view and check the specs section before making a decision about the purchase.

Keep in mind that this AOC gaming screen has its own specs, strength, and possible downsides. But read on so you can decide whether you still want to buy the monitor or not. Here is the basic and general info about the monitor:

  • The screen size is 35 inches so it is big and wide. It is definitely bigger than some of the general lines and types of monitors sold in the market
  • The resolution is set around 1,080 x 2,560 which is quite good and crisp
  • The monitor comes with 4ms response time and 160 Hz of refresh rate to deliver smooth and perfectly continuous stream of beautiful and flawless images
  • The monitor houses an AMVA panel type for a slightly (but better) gaming experience and performance
  • There are some ports for connections on the monitor, including 1 VGA port, 2 DisplayPort slots, and also 2 HDMI ports. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any USB port
  • The monitor has a FreeSync technology whose ranges differ in between 45 Hz and 160 Hz
  • The monitor can be tilted for better adjustment, but it can’t be swiveled or raised

That is the basic information you can find about this AOC screen. For further info, you should be reading more in order to get the details of the device.

AOC C3583FQ – Design and Build Quality

A lot of people say that the overall design is pretty good and nice – with the basic construction and simple cut. If you are the type of person who is looking for simplicity and straightforward design, then this widescreen device will meet your requirements and demands just nicely. Be aware, though, that once you see the details, the effect may be different from the initial response. For instance, the monitor turns out to be made from plastic – the entire construction. The (seemingly) shiny stand from chrome and the brushed metal base are actually plastic and not the solid metal.

Moreover, the design is pretty odd and unique. Whereas most monitors have the slim and flat bezel, it isn’t so with this AOC device. There is a pronounced and visible step up of the screen – which isn’t entirely odd or uncommon but it brings up some questions related to the aesthetic aspect of the screen. Such a design has been left behind by most of the competitors and world-class brands.

The bezel is thick with a bigger screen size, resulting in wide screen too. Unfortunately, the additional width doesn’t match with the additional height. And there is no height adjustment either so the screen can be quite low. This can be quite uncomfortable and you need to figure out a way to solve it. Some users use some thick books so the screen can reach the comfortable and convenient height. Another downside is the absence of VESA mount that can be used as an alternative to monitor arm or stand.

AOC C3583FQ – Setup

One of the things to like about the monitor is the abundance of accessories and cables. You can enjoy the UK plug power cable, a VGA wire, and also a cable for DisplayPort easily. One odd thing about the design is the placement of the power supply. It isn’t incorporated or included into the display, so it is odd. You need to find a perfect spot to hire it. The lack of design doesn’t really affect the easiness of the setup. After all, the stand is sturdy and solid – and the connectors being placed on the back are convenient. You only need to tilt it (make sure that the angle is right) and you are done! The mechanism for tilting is quite sturdy as well as smooth.

Be advised, though, that switching the setting and inputs with the OSD isn’t exactly easy or simple. The possibility of pressing the wrong buttons is big. Not to mention that what’s displayed on the screen doesn’t always align with the pressed buttons. Basically, you don’t have any visual feedback for the things that are happening. You may get it in the end but you will have to go through difficult and complicated process.

AOC C3583FQ – Image Quality

The monitor comes with nice 21:9 gaming display with 60 Hz refresh rate. It may not be the top of the line greatness in today’s standard but it is still good and convenient enough for comfortable gaming moment. Don’t forget that it has 2000R curvature and super wide screen display along with 1,080 x 2,560 resolutions and VA panels. Unfortunately, this AOC monitor lacks the sharp hues and premium brightness. But then again, the problems are considered minor and you can still enjoy other features and benefits – offered by the many technologies and features.

AOC C3583FQ – Display Modes and Other Features

Among the many features available for this AOC C3583FQ is the handy speakers. The monitor has the small oval-designed speakers that don’t break the overall design and appearance of the screen. As the result, you can expect the simple and clean finish outcome. Moreover, the base has the convenient connectivity options. Expect no cables that can obstruct the clean and sleek lines, which is a good thing.

Despite the generous connections, you won’t find any USB port. You can always enjoy the VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPorts slots but not the USB port. The controls can be both easy and complicated. They are in line along the base, which is quite convenient – especially since they are also touch-sensitive. Be advised, though, that operating the controls can be difficult because it is so easy t press the wrong buttons.

Don’t forget about the responsive controls and menu setting that enables you to tweak the system easily. Some of them may require some times for getting used to but then again, you may be surprised by the quality offered by this monitor.


  • The connection options are plentiful and pretty generous
  • The speaker quality is surprisingly good – better than the general standard
  • The monitor comes with Adaptive Sync and 160 Hz for smooth and undisturbed gaming enjoyment
  • The display screen is pretty big and wide so you can really have a satisfying result


  • It doesn’t have any USB port
  • The monitor doesn’t have any height adjustment with a pretty odd construction


Every device has its own perks and downsides, and so does this curved monitor. Aside from some of the great features and points, such as the wide and generous size and also the handy features like many ports options and quality speakers, this monitor does have its own downsides and flaws. But it is a pretty powerful device that has its own benefits and power. You can say that this AOC C3583FQ widescreen monitor is pretty handy and convenient.

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