Dell Alienware Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

What can you expect from Alienware ultrawide gaming monitor from Dell? Perfection, definitely. Who hasn’t ever heard about this super cool device that comes with all the great features and technologies. Dell is known to create reliable and promising products, and Alienware as one of the brand products. As you can guess, you can expect the gaming monitor to pack some of the best technologies and advanced features. If you are able to pair up the cool monitor with the right gaming console, you will only get the best outcome and result. Be sure that you will only enjoy the greatest fun and entertainment with this monitor.

Alienware 1900R 34.1', Curved Gaming Monitor LED-Lit, WQHD 3440 x 1440p Resolution, 4ms 120Hz Overclocked Refresh Rate, NVIDIA G-Sync, 21:9 Aspect Ratio, HDMI, Display Port, 4x USB 3.0, AW3418DW
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Alienware 1900R 34.1", Curved Gaming Monitor LED-Lit, WQHD 3440 x 1440p Resolution, 4ms 120Hz Overclocked Refresh Rate, NVIDIA G-Sync, 21:9 Aspect Ratio, HDMI, Display Port, 4x USB 3.0, AW3418DW
  • The 34 inches Curved monitor with 21: 9 ratio and 1900 Radius maximizes your field of view. The new AW3418DW Provides the ultimate gaming immersion
  • Fast 120 Hertz refresh rate (overclocked) combined with 4 millisecond response time delivers buttery smooth game play. Brightness level : 300 candela per square metre
  • This breakthrough Display technology eliminates screen tearing and minimizes Display stutter and input lag TO deliver the smoothest, fastest, most breathtaking gaming and a serious competitive edge
Alienware 1900R 34.1', Curved Gaming Monitor LED-Lit, WQHD 3440 x 1440p Resolution, 4ms 120Hz Overclocked Refresh Rate, NVIDIA G-Sync, 21:9 Aspect Ratio, HDMI, Display Port, 4x USB 3.0, AW3418DW

Dell Alienware – Specifications

As you can guess, knowing the specs from any electronic device you are about to buy is must, mostly because you want to know what to gain from it. Although Alienware is known as the reliable brand in the industry, you still need to know the detailed specs so you can be sure whether the monitor would be the right one for you or not. There are different kinds of ultrawide monitor, even from the same Alienware brand. Be sure that you know the right type with the right specification so you won’t be spending money for nothing.

So, what kind of specs can you expect from this gaming screen, anyway?

  • The screen size is coming with a generous 34 inch and 1900R screen curvature. As the result, you can enjoy a nice and wide viewing experience and the ability to cover all areas in the nicest way
  • The panel type is IPS with 1440 x 3440 pixels resolution. As the result, the image is detailed and crisp
  • The aspect ratio is ultrawide 21:9 which may not be the standard measurement, but it does deliver its own advantage
  • With refresh rate of 120 Hz and 4 ms response time, you can definitely enjoy a smooth and non-lag viewing quality. Everything will be just perfect and smooth
  • It comes with 1.2 Display port and 1.4 HDMI port for easy and convenient connection with other external devices and consoles. Other ports are also included, including headphone jack, line out audio, and USB 3.0 ports
  • It has VESA
  • As you can see from the specs, this monitor has all the important features and technologies. Most of them are advanced and sophisticated so you won’t have any problem with the usage and the enjoyment

Dell Alienware – Design and Build Quality

You can definitely expect perfection, especially when it is related to the eye-catching and sleek appearance. You can tell that the monitor has the aesthetic appeal, especially for gamers, without being too extravagant or too much. With the combination of sharp angles, metallic shades, and colored LED, the design feels right. And there is a sense of maturity about everything. The result is a good-looking monitor that is powerful enough to deliver streamline of performance in a no-fuss condition.

Don’t forget that this monitor is pretty big – with attractive thin bezel construction on the bottom and also top area. Aside from being big, this monitor is also heavy. You will need to have a special desk dedicated for this monitor, considering the weight and size. But don’t worry, the overall construction is solid and sturdy. The stand is able to support the computer, made from metallic and then coated in plastic.

You can find LED lights and some Alienware logos on the back and also front of the monitor. If you don’t really like the LED lights, simply turn them off. Doing it is easy and it takes only a few seconds. You can find buttons on the right bottom side for the control menu. There are no hints or icons for each function which is nice because it boosts neatness and tidiness. However, if you have never operated this monitor before, it can be confusing.

Dell Alienware – Setup

When you first start using it, the brightness level would be 75% which is too bright. It is definitely not comfortable so you need to tweak the setting. Once you do it, things will be better. The image feels crisp and bright without being too bright and blazing. When measured with a special software for color gamut, the color ranges and specs are about 99% which means that this ultrawide monitor has a very impressive array of colors. No wonder if everything will just feel bright and crisp – and you won’t have to worry about your gaming enjoyment or whatsoever.

The monitor has color temp presets (you can find it within the menu) that goes along the Custom Color mode. If you are accessing this feature, you can reach the RGB individual channels for a better calibration experience. Is it convenient? Definitely! Besides the initial brightness, you need to tweak the luminance too. The initial one would be too high and you need to lower it. Smooth color gradient can be expected from this monitor although there is a slight gradation that only exists in the darker hues. It’s a good thing that there is no color banding in this monitor – meaning good news for you.

Dell Alienware – Image Quality

When we are talking about the image quality, we are talking about a combination of static contrast ratio of 100:1, more than 99% of color sRGB gamut, and peak 300-nit brightness. As the result, you can expect a crisp and vibrant image quality – which is also similarly good with the 178 degrees of viewing angles. Top it off with 1440 x 3440 resolution and 8 bit color depths, you get yourself a high pixel density – up to 109 pixels for each inch. You can say that this monitor can deliver detailed clarity, vibrant accuracy, good screen space, and also consistent colors.

And since this monitor is also a part of the curved designed screen, you can really have an enjoyable time watching everything. However, be advised that you may see a little bit of color hue change if you past your 45 degree viewing angles. It would be more visible within the vertical field, but the overall performance is actually very good and accurate. Basically, you can use this monitor for gaming or even working – such as professional editing. But what’s the point of buying a powerful and cool gaming device if you aren’t going to use it for playing games?

Dell Alienware – Display Modes and Other Features

To make connection easier, especially with other external devices or consoles, you will find the ports handy. There is a USB port that can be connected to the PC, along with USB 3.0 port that can enable the monitor to be a USB hub. There is also a 1.4 HDMI port, a 1.2 DisplayPort, and audio jack. Finding them is easy because they are located on the front instead of on the back.

What if you want to overclock the screen? Just go and access ODS menu and see the setting. You have the options of 105, 110, 115, and also 120 Hz. You can set it up to 110 Hz and see how it affects the performance. The pixel transition is faster and the entire performance is more responsive. You can also find RGB AlienFX lighting technology with its 4 adjustable zones. They are available at the stand, the power button, the bottom bezel, and the back side of the monitor.


  • Setup and installation are quite easy and convenient despite the big size
  • The design is simple and elegant with enough aesthetic appeal included in the appearance.
  • It has rich colors with very wide and generous viewing angle
  • It has impressive brightness with very beautiful and gorgeous display (with its 1440 pixels quality)


  • You need to calibrate it for optimal (and even better) image outcome and quality, In order to do so, you need to have your own calibration device
  • It can be pretty big and heavy


If you are ready to be committed to the device, this monitor will be able to give you the perfection you always want. As long as you are willing to deal with the preparation – wide space for the placement, extra time for the tweak, etc – this device will be worth your spending and your time. You can be sure that this Alienware monitor will be a good part of your investment – with the right combo of technology and handy features. It would be nice if you have another Alienware device, really. But even if you don’t, this Dell Alienware Monitor won’t disappoint you.

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