Enjoying Widescreen Monitor with Samsung CF791 Series

You probably think that all widescreen monitor products are just the same, but it’s not so with the CF791 Series from Samsung. Just because all the products are the same it doesn’t really mean that they are uniformed in technology and features. On the contrary, each product can be different from one another – depending on the brands, manufacturers, and type. But be sure that you will only experience the best when you have the ultrawide monitor like this one from Samsung. The generous size and the advanced technology will pamper you with all the best specs and features to the highest level.

Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor (C34F791)
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Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor (C34F791)
  • 1500R Curvature 34" Widescreen Monitor
  • Quantum dot technology supporting sRGB 125%
  • 21:9 aspect ratio for powerful multi-tasking
Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor (C34F791)

Samsung CF791 – Specifications

Never underestimate the importance of each product’s specifications because they are the ones that matter. The specifications are basically the written formats of the technologies packed within the device. When you want to know what to expect or enjoy from an electronic device (like this monitor), then make sure that you know the specifications in details.

We have discussed the importance of the specs, so what to expect from this Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor?

  • The monitor has the so-called SVA or Super Vertical Alignment LCD panel technology that will deliver smooth and lag-free viewing time. Whether you are playing games or watching movies or working on high resolution graphic project, the monitor will provide big help
  • The size of the screen is a generous 34 inches so you can really have an enjoyable and fun viewing moment
  • The resolution is 1440 x 3440 resolution with 1500R of curvature that are responsible for the clear, bright, and crisp image details
  • It supports 8-bit color and 4ms response time
  • The refresh rate is 100 Hz to provide a flawless image quality
  • The monitor has Quantum Dot Nanosys technology, which is the backlight solution that will provide blue LED highlight on the talking points so reading will be more convenient and easier
  • The total weight is around 7.6 kilogram which is quite hefty and heavy
  • The contrast ratio is 3000:1 that will deliver great comfort and bright clarity when using the monitor
  • The monitor offers 178 degree of vertical viewing ability as well as the same 178 degree of horizontal angle
  • The power consumption is around 70W

Samsung CF791 – Design and Build Quality

You have to admit that the design is very elegant with the right curves and sleek lines. A lot of people are appealed by the beautiful figure. The frame is made from aluminum that is paired with glossy white stand that holds the screen effortlessly. In fact, the overall construction seems like floating so your screen is looking somewhat elegant and contemporary at the same time. The stand is able to provide a solid support to the monitor. It is also easy to use when you want to adjust the angle or height. The stand can also be used to make sure that the monitor remains stable and sturdy while being used. That’s why a lot of people say that this widescreen monitor has the convenient adjustable elegance.

No need to worry that the stand may not be able to provide the needed sturdiness or support because there won’t be such a thing. Samsung is able to combine the great features of functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. In the overall sense, the base has the right size – it is not overly big and yet not too small either. It offers great stability despite the size. Unlike other ultrawide monitors, this device from Samsung is super stable and trusted.

Another thing to like about this monitor is the handy design. You can see an articulated armature that sprouts from the back area of the monitor’s base. You won’t miss it because it is covered in white glossy white plastic. This arm holds the screen so good and it is the one responsible for the impressive adjustability. And the nice thing about this construction is the easy adjustability without breaking a sweat or pulling up a muscle. It’s just so nice and handy! Whether you are using the monitor for gaming or working, you will only experience the greatest comfort and easiness.

Samsung CF791 – Setup

Setting up the monitor is pretty straightforward and easy. You can start with the basic standard through the on-screen familiar menus. You can easily access it through the right and back side of the screen. The menu is nice to operate with responsive feature. You should be able to click through all of the me us easily without fuss. But be careful with the jog buttons, you may end up hitting the wrong buttons. The jog buttons aren’t exactly the precise instrument and the technology from Samsung is notorious for the matter. This is one downside of this monitor, and it can only be beaten by Dell.

However, the menu is super easy to operate and use. The navigation is robust, concise, and also clear. You have tons of options for the menu. You should have no problems adjusting the contrast, individual levels for the colors, and brightness, as well as which ports to use.

Samsung CF791 – Image Quality

Another thing to like about the widescreen monitor is the quantum dots technology that will deliver unparallel and perfect contrast ratio, color depth, and other perks for great retina stimuli. The colors are velvety and rich from side to side. The blacks are great and deep while the whites are sharp. The colors simply don’t bleed or run – they stick to the lines where they are supposed to be. That’s why they have 910: contrast ratio with 100% of sRGB spectrum and 2.56 accuracy. All of these benefits can be enjoyed without you having to change the setting even one bit. When you pair the quality images with the impressive design and construction, you get yourself a perfection.

Samsung CF791 – Display Modes and Other Features

There is the option whether you want to activate the FreeSync technology or not. If you don’t have the video card AMD, then you won’t have to turn it on. You can also determine whether you want to activate the FreeSync or turn it off just leave it off. Even without the FreeSync, the refresh rate stays on 100 Hz level. This flexibility is one winning element that makes Samsung monitor stand out among the others because it offers something different and unique.

The gaming monitor also comes with its own speakers, which is a nice addition. Don’t expect it to work greatly, though, because the quality is pretty so-so. The bass is often coming and going and it doesn’t make the gaming experience better. You can still hear the gun shots (they are still snappy and sharp) but rumbling sounds are mostly gone. The connections are good, though. The ports and connections are coming in different options, covering one 1.4 DisplayPort slot, two 2.0 HDMI ports, and a USB port. The fact that is supports VESA is another addition that makes everything easier and simpler for the operation.

When we are talking about the size, it is quite overwhelming. You have to admit that it is a big monitor. But with the wide 34 inches size and 1440 x 3440 resolution, it has very comfortable and nice 110 PPI. The curve design makes the total appearance more dramatic and somewhat futuristic. However, finding video contents can be a problem. With the 1t40 pixel content, finding the ones can be difficult especially with the right aspect ratio. Games are easier than streaming services like Amazon Video, HBO Now, or Netflix. The result may be better if you can connect it to the right gaming console or you may download special apps for your fave streaming.


  • The impressive size for more enjoyable gaming experience
  • A super impressive contrast ratio as well as good aspect ratio
  • The flexibility in activating the FreeSync technology or not
  • Solid 100 Hz quality and performance


  • Finding video contents can be quite difficult and complicated
  • Integrated stand actually makes VESA mounter usage a bit awkward


In the end, this is one device that can deliver impressive viewing enjoyment without compromising quality or easiness. The quality is just perfect – so perfect that you may find difficulty finding the appropriate viewing contents or videos that will fit the screen just perfectly. But if you are willing to undergo those extra efforts, you will definitely have a worthy result – and you can make a worthy expense. Be sure that this Samsung CF791 widescreen monitor can be a game changer for your life.

Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor (C34F791)
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