How To Mount Computer Monitor with Inexpensive Equipment

How to mount computer monitor – Room design becomes the most necessary factor to make your place looks nice. The design of your things, furniture, equipment, and others will change the view of the room itself. However, the placement of your computer monitor will also transform your room to be more effective and have a larger free space.  Therefore, mounting your computer monitor will be easy by using a bracket.

How to mount computer monitor

How to mount computer monitor

Unfortunately, this bracket is very expensive and will make you think twice to buy it only to mount your computer monitor. Therefore, there is a simpler way about how to mount computer monitor. By a small price, you can mount your computer monitor easily and cheaply. Here is the tutorial about how to mount computer monitor easily.

The Tools Needed

  1. Prepare Steel Nails.

These nails will be used as the cantilever of your monitor later. Choose the steel nails instead of iron nail to strengthen the cantilever. Moreover, buy 2 steel nails for the right and the left. Don’t forget to choose the medium size of the nails, because it will be difficult to be fit in a hanger if the nails are too big.

  1. Figure Plate Hanger

This hanger is the second most important thing needed after the nails. Hanger will connect your computer monitor with the steel nails.

  1. Bolt and The Ring

Choose bolt and the ring as the same size as your computer monitor back holes.

Tutorials of How to Mount Your Computer Monitor

  1. Prepares All of The Tool Needed Above

This is the pre-step that you must do before we start the tutorial. Besides, if you don’t have those tools and equipment, you can buy it in the shop. Those tools are usually easy to be bought in the material shop. About the price? Relax, those things are sold cheaply in the material shop.

  1. Setting Off Bolt in The Monitor Holes

Then, the first step is setting off the bolt in the hole of your monitor. The hole is mostly ready to be used in the back of the monitor. Use screwdriver to connect the bold and ring to the monitor. Plug it in gently to avoid hole crash that cause a breakage permanent. Unfortunately, there are some monitors that have no hole to be mount like this. All you have to do is using another technique or buy a bracket to complete it.

  1. Hammer Nails in The Wall

Hammer the nails in your wall. Pick the right position of it. Don’t forget to manage your room design to avoid narrow room design. Therefore, measure the range of the nails that set up in your computer monitor. Make sure that you hammer the nails with the same range as your computer monitor hole placement.

  1. Attach Monitor to The Wall

The last step is putting the monitor and attach it on the hammered nails at the wall. This step will not be easy if you make a mistake in counting the range between the nails in the right place. You must revoke one of the nails to rearrange the range of the nails. Therefore, if the range between the nails not too far, you can hammer the nails gently to fit it with the holes. In other hand, this step will be ended simply if you do all of the 3 steps above correctly.

That’s all the tutorial of article about how to mount computer monitor. Don’t forget to be careful with the steps of hammering and the attaching the monitor to the wall. Use a safety equipment if necessary to avoid an unexpected accident.

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