How To Use An LCD Monitor as a TV without Computers

How to use an LCD monitor as a TV without Computers – For some people, watching television is an entertaining action that gives a kind of pleasure. It provides you various program like talk show, reality show, and entertainment show. Besides, some television programs also serve you an update news.

How to use an LCD monitor as a TV without Computers

How to use an LCD monitor as a TV without Computers

Thus, television is an electronic item which should be at home. Even the price of television is quite affordable, you can still make it cheaper by utilizing your LCD monitor. The way to deal with it is also easy. You only need to prepare some components. For further explanation of how to use an LCD monitor as TV without computers will be presented below:

The Necessary Things You Need to be Prepared

Before going to the step of how to use an LCD monitor as TV without computers, make sure that you have these necessary things. Firstly, you need a cable box with DVI or HDMI output. Additionally, if your monitor does not support HDMI input, it means you have to involve HDMI or DVI connector. Secondly, a speaker is required to accept RCA audio. If you do not have all the necessary thing, do not be panic! You can find them in electronic store easily or just go to online market place. There must be the things you need.

The Display You Have to be Chosen

To make an LCD monitor as TV, you need to consider the type of the display itself since not all LCD monitors can be transformed become TV. Firstly, the monitor must be HDCP compliant (High Definition Content Protection). Next, it should be compatible with HDMI or DVI input. However, ss it is said before that if your monitor does not support this term, you can use HDMI or DVI connector. Then, it is better if the resolution of the display is up to 720p, but it is actually in accordance with your preference.

The Steps You Must Do to Set It All Up

After the necessary things are ready, now you are in the step of setting it all up. The first thing you need to is connecting the cable box with DVI or HDMI to your monitor. After that, you will see the picture on the display. However, if it does not appear, it means your cable box tries to display the resolution which cannot be processed by your monitor. To way to overcome this case is you have to change the resolution into a maximum. You can find out this option in the setup mode and just follow all the instructions. Yet, if there is a notification that said that your monitor is not HDCP compliant or something else that refer to the wrong monitor, don’t be panic! Because it is only for a half of a second after you turn on the monitor. Moreover, don’t forget to connect the speaker as well so that the audio can be processed.

Another Thing You Should Consider

What has been explained above is actually already allow you to watch tv in your monitor. However, there is something which probably will make it more perfect. For instance, you can connect the power cable of the monitor to the cable box so that you are able to turn it on and off by using a remote. Unfortunately, not all the cable box provides this feature. Therefore, you have to select the cable box carefully.

That is all the steps of how to use an LCD monitor as TV without computers that you can do. Instead of buying a new television, it is better to take the advantage of the things you already had. Good luck!

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