How To Use Multiple Monitors For Presentation In One Computer

How to use multiple monitors for presentation – Presentation becomes one of the most frequently carried out activity students or even workers do in their daily life. However, do you have an important presentation later? Do you need to use multiple monitors for your presentation? Fortunately, this article will help you to manage about how to run different slide shows on multiple monitors on one computer. The application that you need in this guide is “Monitors Anywhere”. This application will connect your main computer monitor with multiple monitor for your presentation. You can see the explanation of how to use multiple monitors for presentation below.

How to use Multiple monitors

How to use Multiple monitors

1. Install PowerPoint Viewer

You have to instal PowerPoint Viewer to control the application that is going to be use as the main application later. You can download the application PowerPoint Viewer in this link:

Download it with your wifi. After the page is opened, choose the right language for your instalation.

2. Install Service Pack2

Don’t forget to download and instal the Service Pack2 too from the link above. However, it is necessary that you have to set your PowerPoint setting with:

  • Select “Setup Slide Show” in your PowerPoint
  • Choose the “Show Type” and change the checklist as “Presented by a speaker (full screen)
  • Then, choose “Show Option” and change the checklist as yes “Loop continuously until ‘ESC’”
  • In other side, if you want to set your screen PowerPoint as fullscreen, you have to manage it as the right resolution as your monitors. Therefore, change your resolution to 16:9 if you have a wide screen resolution and change the resolution to 4:3 if you have a square screen type.

3. Manage Setting Monitors AnyWhere

After you installed the PowerPoint Viewer, then you can start to manage the configuration of Monitors AnyWhere application.

4. Choose The First Monitor

Choose the first monitor that you are going to set by clicking its thumbnail from the list of monitors. From this step, actually you can choose where is the first, second, third, etc to be set. Don’t forget to remember the name of each monitor that you are going to be presented. My advice, you can arrange from A, B, then C, until your last monitor by the order at the time of the presentation, so you will not be confused.

5. Select Monitor

Select the monitor by clicking it from the list of your monitors. At the bottom of the application, choose the button “menu”. The browse window will open as the first monitor that is going to be opened. Then select the MAWPowerPointLauncher. Do the same thing to the second field of the monitor of presentation. After it, click “save and send” menu.

6. Repeat Step 5

The last step is do the same steps as the fifth step about clicking the first monitor and the second monitor, and close with the last command “save and send”. However, keep in mind that you have to remember all of the monitor file presentation. Try to check and open it one by one to avoid wrong settings. If all already correct and fine, then you are ready for your presentation.

That is all the tutorial of how to use multiple monitors for presentation. Multiple monitors for presentation will be awesome if you can manage it carefully with practice. Therefore, my advice for your presentation is try to practice as much as possible because it will be hard to do if you are not ready enough. Practice will also get rid of your hesitations when the time has come. Last, thank you for your concern and good luck for your presentation.

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