HP OMEN X Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review

Omen X (designed by HP) is an example of reliable curved gaming monitor that is able to deliver promising quality and satisfying performance. The gaming monitor has various different modes of features, including 1440 x 3440 resolution and G-Sync Nvidia. The quality is set and high and the overall control is nice. However, a lot of users would often compare the price of this device with other rivals. Whereas other devices would offer better features and the same image quality in a lower range, this device is often complained as the more expensive one. Despite the same image perfection and quality, the price is set higher. For some people, it is considered the downside.

OMEN X by HP 35-inch Ultra WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 21:9, 100Hz, Height Adjustable, with NVIDIA G-SYNC (Black)
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OMEN X by HP 35-inch Ultra WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 21:9, 100Hz, Height Adjustable, with NVIDIA G-SYNC (Black)
  • Why buy: A curved gaming monitor with stutter-free visuals and a height adjustable stand.
  • WQHD (3440 x 1440 @ 60 Hz); 2500:1 static
  • 4 ms gray to gray; 1 HDMI 1.4; 1 DisplayPort 1.2
OMEN X by HP 35-inch Ultra WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 21:9, 100Hz, Height Adjustable, with NVIDIA G-SYNC (Black)

HP Omen X – Specifications

When you are about to choose an electronic device, be sure to always check the specs. Those are the elements providing information of the strength (and also possible flaws) of the device. That’s why you should always, always, and always check the specs sections before making a decision to buy anything.

So, what are the options of specs that you should expect from Omen X?

  • The monitor has a pretty wide size with 35 inches in width
  • The resolution is set for 1440 x 3440 which will create a smooth and flawless image quality – the overall image is crisp, clear, and bright
  • The combination of 100 Hz refresh rate. 82 ppi pixel density, 21:9 aspect ratio, and 4ms response time will definitely create a smooth image quality that is just perfect for almost any activity – whether it is graphic design or gaming
  • The contrast ratio is 2500:1 for superb image quality
  • The total dimension is 12.9 x 16.2 x 32.7 inches with 26.4 pounds of weight. You can say that it is a big and also heavy device
  • It has some of the handy ports for connectivity (such as audio, USB, and HDMI) but it doesn’t have any in-built speaker.

HP Omen X – Design and Build Quality

You have to admit that this curved gaming monitor is wide and big – some people call it massive. It’s a good thing that it is coming in a curved style so you can have a convenient view from one side o side. HP is known to deliver and manufacture reliable devices and it won’t be any difference from this gaming screen. Thanks to the 1800R curvature, having an enjoyable and immersive viewing angle is possible. The combination with 1440 x 3440 resolution is also nice because it provides great viewing easiness without tweaking the graphic cards too much.

One thing that differentiates this monitor from the others is the unique design. Unlike the other devices that are using the nondescript and thin legs, this device from Omen comes with a unique metal square – which is surprisingly quite eye-catching. Because of the base construction, it has better functionality – when compared to using the spindly and wide legs. The base has a nice position on a rectangular and slim stand with the cable-route loop and a headphone hook. You can easily adjust the height (the monitor, that is) by moving (and sliding) the panel. Simply move it up and down and you are good to go. The screen can also tilt backward and forward too.

When you have to compare it to other competitors, this HP Omen still has its own appeal. The BenQ is big with a metal base and stand, but they are pretty plain. The one in AOC Agon is darker. Basically, the design on Omen is more eye-catching and attractive. This device is basically coming with excellent and impressive build quality but the overall weight is heavy – with total weight of 26 pounds. With 16 inches in height and 33 inches in width, this curved gaming monitor isn’t exactly a subtle and small device.

HP Omen X – Setup

It is a good thing that Omen comes with snappy and smart on screen menu and display. You can find 3 shallow buttons located on the right hand area of the screen. Operating the menus is easy because it is responsive and also intuitive – displayed options are arranged in a sensible manner. Tweaking the setting is fairly easy and straightforward. There is no fussy arrangement or complicated management when managing this curved gaming monitor. This monitor comes with different options of FPS games, racing, and also RTS. The downside is that they can improve contrast but they will ruin color accuracy at the same time. The contrast is basically already perfect and excellent so you won’t need to worry about anything.

HP Omen X – Image Quality

It is safe to say that the overall performance of this device is pretty good and solid. The quality is pretty impressive and good but it is not great. Some of the features aren’t exactly living up to the ones written on the paper. For instance, the specs write the brightness level as 300cd/m2. However, the true performance only reaches 279cd/m2. Yes, it is only a small difference but the point is, there is inconsistency in the features written on the specs sheets and the true performance.

But don’t take such a minor downside to the hard level. If you don’t really mind with the small flaw, then this device is still worth your spending and consideration. After all, it is able to deliver accurate and punchy gaming quality – which is all that matters for all gaming enthusiasts.

HP Omen X – Display Modes and Other Features

The design is pretty impressive and good – there is a sense of appealing aesthetic about it. For the connection options, there are plenty of offers that you can enjoy. You can find 1.2 DisplayPort and also 1.4 HDMI port on the back. They provide enough bandwidth for the screen and its 1440 x 3440 resolution. You can also find connectors for a headphone jack as well as 3 3.0 USB ports.

Unlike other monitors, however, this monitor doesn’t have any speaker or handle. The ports are located on an awkward position – on the back, between the screen and the stand. It would be nice if HP can have at least one on the side area of the screen. These are only minor downsides so you won’t have to worry that it may affect the overall enjoyment quality and performance.

The Omen has G-Sync Nvidia technology with its 100 Hz performance. Some competitors may have the higher range, but you can still expect the greater enjoyment and perks with this HP device. The technology packed in this device will ensure smooth gaming experience when this screen is used. The panel is using VA system which is responsible for the great and flawless contrast. When it is combined with 4ms response time, the overall image quality is super nice, reliable, and steady.


  • The design is pretty high-end with a rather futuristic flair
  • The image quality is good and flawless with very smooth streamline and quality
  • The features are solid and promising – without any worry that it may compromise any quality
  • The inclusion of G-Sync technology makes operation and image quality better
  • The unique design with impressive stand and flawless easiness


  • The price range is a bit higher when compared to the other rivals
  • There are some inconsistencies of the true performance of the device – when you compare it to the real quality


You can say that this monitor is equipped with all the great features and modern technologies that make both operation and style very nice and flawless. The image is crisp and bright and the color options are various. The rich depth and the color accuracy are responsible for the impressive image streamline as well as the smooth operation of the device. Yes, there are some downsides but they are pretty minor so you won’t really know the differences. If you are looking for a powerful and punchy monitor for gaming without having to spend a fortune, just be sure that this Omen X ultrawide gaming monitor should be able to deliver the perfection and convenience that you are looking for.

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