Samsung CHG90 QLED Super Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Samsung CHG90 49' 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC49HG90DMNXZA)

To play games with great graphics, gamers need a powerful computer. But to enjoy their favorite games better, they also need a high-quality monitor. When it comes to choosing a gaming monitor, size is not the only thing that matters. So basically, bigger isn’t always better. There are many other things to consider other than the size, such as the screen resolution, refresh rate and response time, and more. For hardcore PC gamers, a regular monitor surely isn’t good enough. They need a monitor built specifically for gaming, such as the CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor from Samsung. This gaming monitor has a curved panel which immerses gamers in their game play. But that’s just one of many benefits that this gaming monitor offers.

Not every gaming monitor is suitable for any kind of games, but Samsung CHG90 QLED is. This 49-inch monitor has several Picture Modes with settings optimized for any game genre, such as RPG, FPS, RTS, and AOS. Most games with detailed graphics today require gamers to use a monitor with fast motion picture response time (MPRT). This monitor can easily pass this requirement because it has 1ms MPRT which provides remarkable gaming performance with zero motion blur. The screen refresh rate is 144Hz, which provides smooth action scenes in high frame rates games. However, this monitor is flexible in terms of refresh rates.  When necessary, the refresh rate can always be adjusted to 60Hz or 120Hz. To provide hardcore PC gamers with remarkably realistic color and contrast, CHG90 QLED has HDR support and Quantum Dot technology.

CHG90 QLED is really designed to cater to the needs of hardcore PC gamers. There are lots of features that actually help gamers to play their favorite games better. The 20-step Black Equalizer feature, for example, allows gamers to easily adjust any of their game scenes to the right brightness level, so they could see enemies hiding in dark areas of the screen. Even though CHG90 QLED is designed for gaming, the experts at Samsung understand that gamers also need to do things other than playing games. That’s why this excellent monitor is equipped with the ability to do multitasking seamlessly. The 32:9 widescreen can be divided into two 16:9 monitors side by side. And with the Picture-by-Picture feature, this monitor allows its users to easily connect and view input sources with excellent image quality. No more complicated multi-monitor set-ups required, and of course, no more cluttering cables.

Most hardcore PC gamers play their favorite games for hours every day. This could cause eye strain or even headaches. But with CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor, those problems could be avoided. This 49-inch monitor has a feature called Eye Saver Mode that substantially reduces blue light emissions. This provides greater visual comfort and reduces eyestrain. And to provide even greater comfort for hardcore gamers, this monitor also has Height Adjustable Stand that offers precise positioning according to the users’ preferences. Another feature worth noting is the audio-aligned Arena Lighting feature which gets brighter when the game’s sound gets louder, which boosts the gaming thrill.

People who have bought this gaming monitor think that it’s mediocre. According to them, this monitor’s curve is quite special. It’s super curved, which makes it perfect for hardcore PC gamers. The picture quality, however, isn’t as good as advertised. The monitor is not as bright as it supposed to be, and the picture quality is far from expectations. In order to get the most out of this gaming monitor, they need to tinker with the settings a lot. Samsung CHG90 QLED takes a lot of space. This monitor is bulky, with a pretty large bezel, and a large stand. So it’s not easy to put this monitor on a regular desk. People who plan to buy this monitor should prepare an extra large desk for it.

To sum it up, for a gaming monitor, Samsung CHG90 QLED is just okay. It’s currently the only monitor with 49-inch ultra wide screen available in the market.

Samsung CHG90 49' 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC49HG90DMNXZA)
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Samsung CHG90 49" 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC49HG90DMNXZA)
  • Large 49 inches super ultra wide 32:9 curved monitor designed for performance seeking professionals. Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) : 178 degree (H) / 178 degree(V). Brightness - 350cd/m2 (Typ.), 250cd/m2 (Min.)
  • Quantum Dot (QLED) technology, HDR support and Factory Calibration provides stunningly realistic and accurate color and contrast. Static Contrast Ratio - 3000:1(Typ),2400:1(Min). sRGB Coverage - Typ 125 percent, Min 120 percent (Adobe RGB: Typ 92 percent, Min 88 percent)
  • High refresh rate, ultra fast response time and Game Mode work to eliminate blurring, ghosting, juddering and reduce lag. RESPONSE TIME - 1ms (MPRT) (1ms MPRT spec is based on internal tests. Response time may vary depending on test conditions.). REFRESH RATE : 144Hz

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