ViewSonic XG350R-C Curved Gaming Monitor with Its Elite Brand

If you are looking for a powerful curved gaming monitor that has an elite array of features and technologies, then you should consider having the XG350R-C type from ViewSonic, which is actually a new line launched by the company – along with another gaming monitor. The company released two monitors (dedicated for gaming purposes) under the type ‘Elite’. The first one is the XG240R that is coming with 24-inch size while the second one is the XG350R-C that is bigger – with 35 inches in size. Naturally, the latter one comes packed with tons of good features and technologies – even more than the features found in the first 24-inch type. So, what can you expect from this advanced and modern curved monitor?

ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C 35' UltraWide 21:9 Curved 1440p 100Hz RGB Gaming Monitor with FreeSync HDR10 and Advanced Ergonomics for Esports
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ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C 35" UltraWide 21:9 Curved 1440p 100Hz RGB Gaming Monitor with FreeSync HDR10 and Advanced Ergonomics for Esports
  • ELITE MONITOR: UWQHD 1440p resolution, ultra-fast 3ms response time, and amazing 100Hz refresh rate give you the edge in all your gaming quests
  • CURVED DESIGN: Immersive 1800R curved viewing experience with panoramic images, vivid color, and incredible detail in 2K resolution
  • COMPETE IN COLOR: ELITE RGB lighting technology radiates your gaming environment and seamlessly integrates into your existing RGB peripheral setup
ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C 35' UltraWide 21:9 Curved 1440p 100Hz RGB Gaming Monitor with FreeSync HDR10 and Advanced Ergonomics for Esports

ViewSonic XG350R-C – Specifications

The monitors were launched in January 2019 so they are pretty new. If you are browsing for information about the specs, the information will usually come in pairs – for both the XG240R and the XG350R-C. This isn’t a problem or something odd, really, considering that the company was launching two products at once. The paired information about the specs can help you make a better decision – whether you are comparing ViewSonic with other products or you are comparing the Elite products between one another. It gives you an efficient manner of finding the useful (and needed) information. And you can also learn about the smaller 24-inch monitor along the way.

In general, here are the things to find or expect from this ViewSonic XG350R-C curved gaming monitor:

  • The display size is coming in 35-inch display size as well as the 35-inch viewable area. You can enjoy the borderless viewing ability from side to side without fuss or difficulty
  • The MVA panel is helpful to provide flawless and bright images with very detailed clarity and color options
  • The combination of 21:9 aspect ratio can deliver a nice sensation to your viewing time. Not to mention that it also comes with 1440 x 3440 resolutions for the detailed quality. The 3ms response time is guaranteed to provide a smooth and flawless image quality that you may not find in other brands or products
  • 100 Hz refresh rate is pretty good to provide undisturbed and smooth gaming time. The static contrast ratio is 2500:1 which is also delivering a state of perfection in your gaming time
  • The adaptive sync system is the FreeSync AMD that helps to provide another level of enjoyment and perfection to your gaming time
  • The viewing angle is the comfortable 178 degree vertical as well as horizontal
  • With 1800R curvature, you can have a very convenient viewing display in front of you because each angle is covered well. Not to mention that the panel surface is the hard coating with 3H anti-glare technology. Comfortable viewing is definitely the winning element of this device
  • There are tons of other features to include, including built-in speakers with 5W power output. The connectors are plenty, consisting of one audio input, one DisplayPort, two 2.0 HDMI ports, one 3.0 USB type B and three 3.0 USB type A
  • Voltage for this widescreen monitor is between 100 VAC and 240 VAC while power consumption is typical 70W
  • The monitor is also compatible with VESA mount with its 100 mm x 100 mm size

ViewSonic XG350R-C – Design and Build Quality

ViewSonic claims that they are coming with a minimalist design for the bigger size gaming monitor. It seems that they are confident enough that their product is appealing and attractive enough to attract attention. After all, the big screen will deliver immersive gaming and viewing enjoyment for everyone – even if you aren’t a gamer. The monitor comes with tons of great features and technologies. The RGB lighting system, the wide arrays of connectors, the high refresh rate, and the FreeSync technology are just some examples of the features found in this monitor. Of course, you can expect more. A lot of users claim that they are often surprised by the new things that they find every day from this monitor – this is definitely a good thing, isn’t it?

From the design, the ergonomic style and the nice curved arrangement have created more enjoyment and convenience, especially when using and operating the curved gaming monitor. One thing to like about the ViewSonic XG350R-C monitor is the ergonomic stand. It is special because it provides easiness to the monitor ‘move’ around. The stand comes with height, tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustment.

Not all gaming monitors have this kind of features so it is nice to have such a privilege with this brand. Moreover, the monitor comes with headphone integrated hook that will provide easy access to the headphones. As if it weren’t enough, the monitor also comes with cable management that can help you manage neatness and management around the monitor. With all of these additional constructions, you can expect your desk to remain neat, clean, and clutter-free. Don’t you love it when your surrounding is neat and well-managed when you are playing your favorite game?

ViewSonic XG350R-C – Setup

You will need to set the things up although you may not need to change the setting or whatsoever. Most users are happy and satisfied with the initial setting – they don’t change a thing from the first moment they take it out of the box. Be advised that there will be some odd pieces that don’t seem fit with the overall construction of the device. Some users complain about an odd cable piece management that can’t even be hooked on the back area. Some also find out that the headset stand isn’t useful. The popping out construction is weird, especially if you won’t use the stand. But for those who use it, the construction can be quite handy.

ViewSonic XG350R-C – Image Quality

One thing to like about this premium monitor is the 1440 x 3440 resolution that delivers rewarding gaming fun and almost perfect experience. A lot of gamers who have witnessed the quality graphics and images find it difficult for them to return to their old and regular monitors. The high refresh rate, as well as the FreeSync technology, are very much appreciated. Basically, you will only enjoy a crisp, detailed, and bright image with smooth and fluid movement without any delay or lag.

In short, your gaming time will never be disturbed anymore – and you will definitely enjoy the real-life gaming experience with the screen.

ViewSonic XG350R-C – Display Modes and Other Features

For a more comfortable (and easier) setting control, the On Screen Display (OSD) is moved by the small joystick model that is located on the back side of the monitor. If you look at it from the front side, you will find it on the right side. Aside from the powerful resolution, the screen includes the so-called AMVA (Advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) technology that will boost the quality image provided by the screen. There is also WLED backlight with its flicker-free easiness for a more comfortable viewing time.

As it was mentioned before, the monitor packs tons of features – some of which are designed and made for gaming enjoyment, such as Clear Motion to reduce the possibility of blur during high frame rates or the Low Input Lag that with minimize (and reduce) the extra unnecessary processing. Basically, ViewSonic XG350R-C has its own speakers – which can be handy if you don’t have the external devices. However, don’t expect the quality to be superb or sophisticated. The performance and quality are pretty good although it isn’t great. And let’s not forget the various connector options that should make easy connections with other devices.


  • The image quality is pretty good – even above the standard
  • Connectors are coming in many options and various types
  • The image result is absolutely stunning. If you want to have real-life experience, this is your device. But don’t play the horror games – you won’t stop screaming


  • The wire holder can be poor and flimsy for some users. You should be careful when using it for the first time – some users almost broke theirs


This device may not be perfect but you can always tell that the strength is many compared to the downsides. There are tons of sophisticated and advanced technologies packed within the monitor, making it super easy, useful, and comfortable to use. A lot of users claim that they always find new things from time to time. In the end, having this ViewSonic XG350R-C curved gaming monitor can really affect your enjoyment and entertainment fun.

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