Viotek GN35DR – Ultrawide Gaming Monitor with Smooth Technologies

The ultrawide gaming monitor is basically the advanced version of today’s modern monitor designed to make gaming time more enjoyable and fun. In the old days, monitors were only monitors – there was no such thing as a special monitor dedicated to gaming. But things have been different now, especially since technology has developed in such an advanced state. Viotek gaming screen is crafted and designed especially for gaming only, possessing some of the best features and myriads of options. Whether you want to use the monitor for playing games or you want to use it for your professional needs (designing graphics, layout arrangement, etc), rest assured that this Viotek GN35DR monitor won’t disappoint you. You can only expect the best outcome and ultimate perfection.

VIOTEK GN35DR 35-Inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor, 144Hz 21:9, HDMI 2.0 DVI DP 1.2 w/Adjustable 'Rage-Proof' Battle Stand
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VIOTEK GN35DR 35-Inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor, 144Hz 21:9, HDMI 2.0 DVI DP 1.2 w/Adjustable "Rage-Proof" Battle Stand
  • Get Pulled into the Action - High-definition curved VA panel displays pixel-perfect clarity. The super-fast 144Hz monitor refresh rate delivers buttery smooth action scenes. And with its high-definition 2560x1080p resolution and 21:9 ultrawide monitor aspect ratio, the GN35DR delivers an intense visual experience.
  • Game-Ready Battle Stand - The GN35DR ultrawide gaming monitor features the most rugged and stable built-in monitor stands we've ever put on a monitor. The "rage-proof" stand keeps the GN35DR securely locked in place, while still being angle- and height-adjustable. Not a fan of stands? Mount it to the wall or any 75x75 VESA-compatible monitor mount.
  • Crush the Competition - Kick in Overdrive for a blisteringly fast 4ms response time. Activate AMD FreeSync fora smooth gaming experience without pixel distortion, motion jitter or image artifact. No more dropped frames or choppy visuals.
VIOTEK GN35DR 35-Inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor, 144Hz 21:9, HDMI 2.0 DVI DP 1.2 w/Adjustable 'Rage-Proof' Battle Stand

Viotek GN35DR – Specifications

When you are about to buy something, especially the electronic device, you will see that learning about the specs will help you a lot in your purchasing decision. The information of the specifications will give you insight into what to expect from the device. For instance, some devices may have a regular USB port while others may not. However, the absence of the USB port may be adjusted with better image quality in terms of contrast and brightness. In short, the section for the specification can help you make a decision about whether you are sure about buying the device or not.

The same thing also applies to the purchasing decision of buying the Viotek screen. What are the basic perks that you can expect from this Viotek GN35DR ultrawide gaming monitor, anyway?

  • The monitor is coming in a curved and ultrawide screen with a generous 35 inches. Such a size is pretty wide and big – offering you an ultimate and flawless satisfying moment
  • The VA panel will deliver smooth and flawless image quality
  • The combination of 1080 x 2560 resolutions, 4ms response time, and 144 Hz refresh rate is just great because you can always expect the best outcome with the crisp, bright, and clear images. After all, this is the right setting for convenient gaming experience or moment
  • The monitor has some connectors options, including the 2.0 HDMI, DVI, and DP. Unfortunately, it DOESN’T have any in-built speakers. If you want to enjoy the blasting sound quality, you need to connect it to the external speaker
  • The monitor houses FreeSync adaptive AMD sync
  • It is able to support VESA
  • The screen has a very nice and convenient 21:9 contrast rate that provides effortless and smooth image outcome
  • Despite the very big and widescreen, the monitor has 1800R curvature and also 178 degrees of viewing angle. You can still enjoy a convenient viewing time from one side to another side, thanks to the curved design
  • The stand has very nice adjustability – you can easily tilt or adjust the height the way you want it
  • The monitor has nice anti-glare technology on the screen that improves the viewing quality and comfort

As you can see from the list, this ultrawide monitor has some of the winning elements that make it convenient and nice. But then again, don’t forget that you should be ready to deal with some of the downsides either. If you are able to look pass the flaws, you should be able to get the best enjoyment and ultimate perks from this monitor.

Viotek GN35DR – Design and Build Quality

If you are a true gamer, then you realize that the design is one of the biggest appeals of finding the right monitor – as well as one of the most important factors. The design of the Viotek GN35DR is sleek with a touch of slim and elegant bezel look. It seems matching with the curved and widescreen appearance. Not only the design is eye-catching but it is also versatile – it will go well with any interior setting or room design.

If you take a look at the features, you will see that one of the appeals is the rugged and solid stand. The combination of black and red color will make the stand catchy – definitely differentiating it from other gaming curved screen with regular and rather plain design. Moreover, the stand has this unique design that incorporates back-weighted springs, designed to hold and secure the monitor safely and firmly on its place. With this stand, you won’t have to worry that you may shake the desk, accidental bump or bangs or accidental knock of the desk, the monitor will stay on its place safely and securely.

Despite the firm and sturdy design, the monitor is flexible enough, with its height and tilt adjustability. Thanks to these abilities, you should be able to achieve the best and also the most convenient viewing angle.

Viotek GN35DR – Setup

Setup is quite simple and easy because you will have everything to set the monitor up. You can expect adapter screws and DP cable for the VESA mount. When you remove the monitor out of the box, it has warm images and it has some profiles available and ready. However, you will definitely want to set the setting, especially the color balance. As a result, you can enjoy a gorgeous image. Not to mention that it has some handy options for your gaming experience improvement. You will appreciate the masterpiece work of the monitor as well as the crafted specialty of the screen.

Viotek GN35DR – Image Quality

The monitor has 1800R curvature that is based on the eyes curves so you can have a great immersion experience with the monitor. Not to mention that it has 95% coverage and benefits if the sRGB color hues. It isn’t 100% but it is way better than the other regular monitors. Don’t forget that connection also plays an important aspect. With so many different options for the connections, it’s hard not to fall in love with the device. And there is still the AMD FreeSync technology that will balance and harmonize the games, especially the motion-intense ones -for the superb viewing moment.

Viotek GN35DR – Display Modes and Other Features

Another thing to like about this monitor is the VESA compatible feature. The feature may seem unimportant or small but it is super handy because it enables you to attach the monitor to the wall or any other stands for easier viewing. Who knows? You may want to share the viewing experience with other people.

This gaming monitor has a 21:9 screen ratio that can deliver I tense and even dramatic graphic moment. To even make it better, it has a 1080 x 2560 resolution with full HD Plus benefit. As a result, the resolution has more (and abundant) pixels when compared to the regular FHD screen. What can you enjoy it? The superb image quality with remarkable graphic perfection.

Another feature that you may like about the monitor is the VA or Vertical Alignment panel. Thanks to it, you can enjoy the best angles up to 178 degrees vertical and 178 degrees horizontal. The color is rich and accurate, and you can expect perfect screen details from any angle that you like. The refresh rate up to 144 Hz will create a smoother gaming experience. When you pair it up with 4ms response time, you will enjoy the blur-free and seamless performance. Your entertainment element will definitely improve.


  • The images are beautiful and gorgeous with sharp details and clear quality
  • Setup and installation are straightforward with the very simple arrangement
  • The features and technologies are handy and useful
  • Tweaks and changes can all be made easy and simple with minimum fuss


  • The options for movement adjustment is pretty limited – with only up and also down movement


In the end, this monitor has shown a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews. The technologies are all up and ready and most of the features are also useful. Expect some downsides but most of them are minor and you will marvel the perks more. As a result, this Viotek GN35DR ultrawide gaming monitor will deliver the best perfection and ultimate satisfaction.

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